Campus Life

There is always something new happening on campus, and it can be hard to keep yourself aware of all the opportunities available at UW-Madison.

Here are some tools and sites to help you stay current with what’s happening on campus.

UW-Madison Events Calendar

Similar to Today in the Union, the UW Events Calendar lists events from all around campus. Speakers, art exhibitions, training events (like STS Workshops) and more.

Screenshot of UW Events Calendar

Union Event Calendar and Today In The Union (TITU)

Today in the Union is a great way to stay current with what’s happening today at Memorial Union and Union South. Music performances, speakers, campus events, and more.

The Union Event Calendar lists upcoming events on a longer timescale.

Screenshot of the Union Event Calendar

See what’s for lunch without having to hoof it all the way to the dining hall.

A screenshot of the campus Dining and Culinary Services menu page

Campus Maps

Find your way to classes and campus events without having to wander aimlessly. Find buildings, bus routes, B Cycle locations, and more.

Marquee Movie Theater

A real-deal movie theater, right in Union South. Features 35mm and digital HD projection, and movie selection ranges from current run movies to classics.

Movies are chosen and provided free of charge by WUD Film and are not limited to students – friends and family are welcome!

Screenshot of Union Marquee Theater homepage


Who decides which distinguished lecturers to invite, bands to book, movies to show, and events to schedule? You do! The Wisconsin Union Directorate (pronounced like ‘wood‘) is a student-run organization that programs all Wisconsin Union activities and events.

All students are invited to join and participate.

Screenshot of the Wisconsin Union Directorate homepage

UW-Madison Subreddit

A small but reasonably active community on the massive social website Reddit.

There are many questionable aspects of Reddit as a whole, but this subreddit (their term for a topic-focused community forum) is good for updates on things happening on campus, other students’ experiences with particular classes/instructors, and general life as a Badger.

The UW-Madison subreddit homepage