Random and Fun

College and grad school can take up a huge amount of our time and attention, but there is more to life than coursework and studying.

Here are some different sites and tools that can help keep your brain going when you need a break from academic life.

A Soft Murmur


This simple website offers a variety of types of ambient noise to help you relax and focus. Mix and match different noise options using volume sliders. The main site is free, but you can also sign-up for a paid version with more sounds and presets.

A Soft Murmur homepage



Automatically find and apply coupons at checkout at dozens of popular e-commerce sites.

Screenshot of Honey



Similar to Honey, a great way to find retail deals both online and in-store.

Screenshot of RetailMeNot

Learn Music with Ableton



This is a novel but in-depth introduction to how music works, from basics like beats and melody to more complex topics like polyrhythms. Easy to follow for any skill level – no previous music experience required.

You can also learn how synthesizers work

Screenshot of Learning Music with Ableton